Family of the Year

The Edinburgh Birth and Baby Family of the Year Bundle 2017 included prizes worth over £1000. Keep your eye out for your chance to enter the 2018 Family of the Year, for your chance to win the following:

  • Pre or post-natal reflexology session from Georgie McCullough (worth £45)
  • A maternity photography session from Rachel Hein (worth £250)
  • Daisy Birthing and Daisy Baby package from Kathryn Lawrence at the Daisy Foundation Edinburgh (worth £96)
  • Initial chiropractic assessment and treatment  from Vicky Pittman at  Morningside Chiropractic (worth £49)
  • Natal Hypnotherapy Skype workshop & 4 Natal Hypnotherapy Hypnosis tracks from Gem Nealon of Positive Birth Scotland (worth £240)
  • A Joyful Birth session from Tricia Murray (worth £75)
  • Free couple place on a baby and child first aid course from Jo Worrall at Twist Training (worth £70)
  • Baby massage course from Anne Nash of Edinburgh Baby Massage, which includes a half hour massage for the Mum (worth £60)
  • A framed Clay Imprint and teardrop silver pendant from Emma Sheilds of PottyEmma (worth £90)
  • A Baby Kind Newborn Observation from Sarah Wheatley at Birth and Beyond (worth £85)
  • A Post-Natal Pilates studio consultation, with baby from Sabrina Severo at Physical Health Personal Training (worth £45)


Sarah Campbell, our 2017 winner, has been gradually working her way through her amazing prizes. Here she is enjoying a Baby Kind Newborn observation with Sarah Wheatley.

Here is what Sarah has to say about her prize so far…

It’s being such a privilege and an exciting experience to have won ‘family of the year’. I hadn’t even watched the winner video as I never win anything! To date I’ve had a selection of antenatal sessions and since the arrival of my son I’ve started on the postnatal ones.

With my daughter my pregnancy was as textbook as they come, this time round, although still v smooth sailing in the grand scheme he was lying badly causing me a lot of pain and discomfort. Thanks to my prize I had a session with Vicky at Morningside Chiropractic and after a single session I felt relief and within 48hrs he had turned! We also got some photos taken by Rachel at Rachel Hein Photography not only of bump but with my husband and daughter as well. We have now had them back and there are some really beautiful ones!

My Skype sessions and audio tracks from Gem Nealon of Positive Birth Scotland helped get my mindset in the right place for labour, which was a very positive experience when the time came. My husband and I attended the baby and child first aid class with Jo Worrall at Twist-training ltd which is incredibly useful info to have (and hopefully not need) and we got a really clear booklet to remind us of the steps to take should we need to.

My son and I visited Sarah for his newborn observation last week. Sarah was so patient, and had a lovely manner with him. He was full of big smiles and stories while interacting with her! It was really interesting looking at his cues and realising that I did actually know him better than I thought. It also helped me to further appreciate the differences between him and his sister and made me more aware of which strategies to try to settle him. The whole experience left me feeling more confident and relaxed.

For me the biggest impact from the antenatal parts of the package was going along to Daisy Birthing classes with Kathryn of The Daisy Foundation Edinburgh. Not only did the classes give me time to focus on me and baby (easier said than done at home with a toddler running round!), the learning aspects really made me rethink aspects from my first pregnancy/labour, and he breathing techniques helped brilliantly when in labour. I also got a really good support group with the other mums which has been incredibly valuable particularly through the early baby stage!!

I’ll save the postnatal update for another post once we’ve had a chance to take part in the rest of them but I can say that so far they have also been a fantastic experience 😊



We have all loved working with Sarah and her family over the last few months and have really enjoyed seeing how all the different aspects of Edinburgh Birth and Baby combine to offer such a positive ante and postnatal experience. Thanks to Sarah for taking the time to share and we are looking forward to hearing part two later in the year!




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Terms and Conditions:

  1. Your baby must be due before the end of June 2017.
  2. You must be willing to allow us to use photos of you and your family (to be agreed with yourself) in our promotional materials.
  3. You must be willing to give feedback for our promotional materials.
  4. You must live within the City of Edinburgh, or else be prepared to travel to our offices.